• Ashley Hockney

One-Day Resolutions NYE Campaign

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

A campaign with a 54% CTR from microsite to online course visits.

New Years is a natural moment for Codecademy to leverage seasonality and re-engage users with a brand campaign. I aimed to create a campaign strong enough to stand out creatively that could be executed predominantly through copy.

The concept: The start of the year is smothered with ads and emails asking you to be more ambitious. Companies want you to commit to long resolutions and new products.

The One-Day Resolutions Campaign did the opposite. It emphasized what makes learners human by asking them to make a small 24-hour commitment to learning to code. This sense of relief resonated with learners. Asking for just one day of focus made a big resolution feel achievable and relatable (while still promising immediate benefits).

When I stumbled on this idea, I knew it was a good one.

  • The messaging tightly aligned with our product.

  • The campaign highlighted an unknown feature - that most of our free courses could be completed in a day.

  • We'd also be able to reuse the copy in a planned dashboard update if it performed well.

The execution: I wrote all copy on-site and in the email announcement and managed the design process.

This hero toes the line between the welcoming tone that engages new learners, and the professionalism expected from an education company.

The language sections highlight the importance of featuring benefits over features. Notice that we didn’t immediately talk about the semantics of Python (loops, functions, etc.). Instead, I tried to humanize the programming language so any beginner could understand if Python was the right language for them, and why it was important.

The email announcement directly mirrors the microsite copy.

I worked with our email marketing manager to schedule the send. The two of us also got into the code during QA. Our content marketing associate handled all social promotion. We also tested ads toward the microsite.

I sourced and secured a web design agency and facilitated feedback sessions with our design team.

Results: Fifty-four percent of learners who hit this page clicked into a free Codecademy course. We also saw intensive purchases coming from this microsite.

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